Sellers Receive High-Purchase Intent Traffic

Geolocation Seller Locator Map

There is no integration to be shown on the omacro geolocation map locator (your suppliers' dealer locator). Just ensure that you have an omacro account; your address and phone number are correct; and that your supplier has you enabled.

Be Shown in Online Results

As a seller, you understand how expensive purchasing website traffic can be. By taking the next step with omacro, you can receive valuable free traffic to your product pages. To be part of your suppliers’ online dealer locator, we need a product feed so we know where to send customers for each product. Read below for more information.

omacro's proprietary platform uses suppliers' product catalogs and matches against seller product catalogs. We have found this to be more reliable and seller friendly versus crawling seller ecommerce websites (which most sellers prefer). Instead, we partner with sellers to ensure we have their latest information along with support that cannot be disrupted or blocked as most sellers make efforts to prevent their sites from being crawled.

Sellers typically provide their entire product catalog, however omacro only stores products where it finds matches to suppliers using our platform (all other products are ignored and not stored). omacro does not sell or share seller product data to anyone except for the exclusive use of its suppliers' online referrals.

Similar to how Google Merchant Center works in connecting a retailer's products to advertising, omacro uses product links to match with brands enabling them to send valuable high-purchase intent traffic that has proven to covert at a higher than average rate of that of organic traffic.

To be part of your suppliers’ online dealer locator, we need a product feed so we know where to send customers for each product. We can accept just about any type of feed end-point as long as we can fetch the file from a URL (can be http, https or ftp). It can be user name and password protected if needed.

We can accept a simple feed with a limited amount of data columns or we can accept the standard “Google Merchant Center” feed that you may already be providing to Google Merchant Center for Product Listing ads. Most ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Big Commerce and Magento can natively provide omacro with this information or 3rd party apps can be used. Details can be found in omacro's help section for suggestions on how to easily provide product information.

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