Access Your Suppliers’ Complete Product Catalog

Access Your Suppliers’ Complete Product Catalog

As a service center you deal with voluminous parts catalogs with ever changing reference information and pricing. Start now with the easy-to- use Omacro network and get real-time access to mission critical product information from your Suppliers. With Omacro, you can quickly search suppliers’ parts inventories and obtain real-time price, availability and reference information.

Tools For Your Team

See how Omacro works for Key Positions within your Company

  • CEO & Ownership

  • Free your employees - allow them to do more important things
  • Cut costs & red-tape
  • Improve efficiencies and make it easier for your customers to do business with you
  • Purchasing & Merchandising

  • Receive notifications when suppliers add or change product pricing
  • Receive product pricing in consistent data formats with weights, dimensions, GTIN’s and more
  • Eliminate phone and email requests for price lists, product images and product availability
  • IT & Development

  • Easy to implement data standards
  • Products can be managed through Omacro U.I., Excel Uploads and/or various web services
  • One connection to Omacro eliminates the need for custom connections to individual suppliers & resellers
  • Sales & Marketing

  • Receive notifications when suppliers add or change product content
  • Ensure image, video, description and specification changes are updated on your website
  • Save time with one-click product download packs or use web services to automate product content updates

Learn More About How Omacro Can Improve Your Go-To-Market Strategy

Let Us Make the Paperwork a Snap:

  • Omacro is free and easy to use for your customers. Your Resellers, Distributors, 3rd Party Representatives and Service Centers maintain their own up-to-date users which gives you access to their people (buyers, management, marketing and even sales associates).
  • Omacro provides immediate real-time communication of price changes on a single product or all of your products. Free your company from the traditional price change cycles and employee hours that go into them.
  • Decide which Distributors, Resellers, 3rd Party Representatives, and Service Centers can access your product information. Customize permissions to show or hide different elements to different customers.
  • Use Omacro’s simple to integrate "Buy Now" and "Dealer Locator" functionality to facilitate immediate sales.
  • Eliminate the need for internal development and enhancement of your own customer portals. Leverage Omacro’s ever-evolving platform and focus your resources elsewhere.

Some Signs Omacro is Right for You:

  • You customers regularly complain that they are not aware of price, product, marketing collateral and inventory changes/ updates.
  • Customers are flooded and desensitized to your company’s communications as they receive them repeatedly from multiple sources.
  • Because of customer staffing changes, vital, time sensitive information about your products is often reaching the wrong person or no one at all.
  • Customers are regularly requesting your price list in a more usable format so it can be automated.
  • Your customers commonly have outdated and even incorrect information about your products on their website. Meanwhile, you have your employees devoting time to keeping their information up-to-date.
  • Your customers aren’t sure who is handling their account.
  • Strategic price changes and end of life product updates aren’t reaching all of your customers.

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