Omacro supports NAMM Standards

Whether you are a manufacturer, a distributor, or a retailer, you can streamline and automate product catalogs, orders, shipping documents, and forecasts using NAMM b2b data standards. NAMM, in conjunction with leading suppliers and retailers, has developed data standards to assist in automation of traditionally manual processes. Omacro has adopted these same NAMM Standards to aid in the communication of product information, making it the perfect tool for the Music Instrument Industry.

You’ll Be in Good Company

Automating repetitive tasks, improving efficiencies and being more competitive is a reality for many companies already taking advantage of the use of NAMM Standards. Many existing software products already integrate and use the NAMM Standards. To find out more, contact Omacro or visit the NAMM Standards website.

Supported NAMM Companies
Learn more about NAMM Standards Here.
Omacro is a proud member of NAMM

NAMM Standards and Your Company:

  • Take advantage of standardized product categories.
  • Send or receive product marketing and pricing information.
  • Transmit or receive purchase orders without using fax or email.
  • Send or receive purchase order status updates.
  • Send or receive advance shipping notifications.
  • Provide invoices and request payment electronically.
  • Improve accuracy and eliminate order entry mistakes.

How Omacro can Get you Up to Speed:

  • Omacro uses NAMM Standards for product information.
  • Companies with limited or no technical ability can easily use Omacro to send or receive product prices and marketing content (images, descriptions, UPC, weights, dimensions, etc.).
  • Companies with IT resources can use Omacro to automate sending or receiving product information through API/web services.
  • Omacro works closely with NAMM members to gain widespread adoption of data standards.

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